Punk Jams, Smoke Machine, Beaverette, Snakies @ McKinney's

Small Town Revolution presents...

Punk Jams, Smoke Machine, Beaverette, Snakies at McKinney's Pub

Are you ready? I repeat, arrreeee yoooooouuuuu reeeaaaddyyy?

Well, are you?

Punk Jams (Powell River)
Pure, unbridled chaos. The audio incarnation of angst and existential crisis: Powell River Punk Jams

Smoke Machine - No Facebook page yet, but here's an unholy duo that's gonna blow smoke out of the machine. Smoke against the machine.

Beaverette (Vancouver)
Raunchy garage punk with maximum 'tude: Beaverette

Snakies (Nanaimo)
Indie punk with a serpentine twist: Snakies

$10 at the door, respect the venue and the people within in, bring tha noise.

Companion piece the night before in Roberts Creek!

Event Properties

Event Date 04-21-2018 9:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $10.00

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