Our People

Welcome to the Traditional Territory of the Tla'amin Nation.

Our people have used and occupied these lands since time immemorial.

The lands and resources are important to the Tla'amin Nation. The land is the heart of our identity and the traditional source of our wealth and wellbeing. Our spirituality and our traditional economy and laws from from our relationship to these lands. We welcome you to our beautiful Territory and ask that you be respectful and mindful of the natural and archeological resources within, and help us to protect them.

There are currently around 1,200 Tla’amin Nation peoples living in the Powell River, most of who live on Tla'amin Nation lands,  just north of Townsite. The Tla’amin people remain culturally active in Powell River, and carry on many of their traditions and knowledge through creative arts.

Tees kwat (Townsite) was the main dwelling site for the Tla'amin people up until the late 1800s. At this time the people were relocated by the Canadian Government to Sliammon to make way for the construction  and development of the Powell River mill, dam, and township. Historically, the Tla'amin people had extensive use and occupancy of the entire watershed. Traditional uses included: harvesting, gathering, hunting, trapping and spiritual uses (sweats, vision quest).



Come experience the following at one of our festivals, galleries, or community resources today:

Wood, stone, & bone carvings, Artwork, Jewellery, Cedar weaving, Textiles, Storytelling, Song & dance

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Tla'amin Nation


According to the Statistics Canada 2011 census, Powell River’s population was 16,689, with 64% of the population between the ages of 15 and 64. 89% of the population are native English speakers, 2.5% native French speakers, and 7.7% non-official languages. Of these, Italian, German, and Dutch are the most common, in that order.


Powell River’s diverse community can be attributed to immigrants seeking new opportunities in our industrial town throughout the century, to draft dodgers from the United States, to newcomers looking for a closely-knit community to settle down. Here at the Visitors Centre, we are always welcoming new residents to our city!

A number of notable “characters” have also inhabited our community over the years – visit the Powell River Historical Museum or the Townsite Heritage Society to learn more about Dr. Henderson, the town’s first practising doctor, eccentric Powell Lake hermit Billy Goat Smith, or the collection of spirits still living in some of the Townsite’s notable buildings, to name a few.

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Powell River Historical Museum & Archives

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Townsite Heritage Society


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