Savary Island Featured

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has been dubbed the "Hawaii of the North"

due to its white sandy beaches. One great way to experience the incredible scenery is by bike. Rentals are available on the island. 

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How to Get There


Lund Water Taxi

Offers 15-minute rides from Lund to Savary Island. Open 8am-8pm

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The following information is written in sand, not stone…

Savary Island – Helpful Information

Savary Island is located at the entrance to Desolation Sound and is accessible by boat, barge or water taxi from Lund. Be prepared: there are no public washrooms, garbage facilities, or electricity, so bring a flashlight and a garbage bag to take off the island when you leave. There is a natural spring mid-island, but otherwise no public drinking water, so bring bottled water as well. Recycle bins for refundable cans and bottles are located at the wharf, mid island, and Indian Point. Public telephones are available at the wharf, Savary Shores, and Indian Point.

One of the most beautiful islands in the Straight of Georgia, Savary is dear to those who live or holiday on the island. However, Savary is also one of the most fragile of B.C. islands and over the past number of years its limited and delicate resources have come under great pressure. To protect Savary Island and to have an enjoyable, safe time here, please consider the following:

•Almost all property on Savary is privately owned. Out of consideration for residents, please stay on public roads, lanes, and trails when hiking on places other than the beach. The beaches are public and there are many public access points on the island.

Savary Island

• A private campground can be found near the bike shop, and Savary Island Resort is located mid-island on Vancouver Boulevard.

Fires are a real danger on Savary, and are usually banned during the summer months in accordance with the Savary Island Volunteer Fire Department.
• When travelling to Savary it is wise to bring a first aid kit. There is an efficient volunteer First Responder unit on island for emergencies – call 911.

• All roads are unpaved. Hikers, cyclists, animals, playing children and automobiles use Savary’s roadways. Switchbacks and blind corners are numerous. Please drive slowly and cautiously at all times, especially in heavily populated areas. Helmets are mandatory for cyclists! Only property owners are allowed to barge vehicles onto the island.

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• The public wharf is for pick-up and drop-off use only. No moorage is available. Bicycles are welcome on the wharf, but please park in consideration of drivers.

•Almost all property on Savary is privately owned. Out of consideration for residents, please stay on public roads, lanes, and trails when hiking on places other than the beach. Public beach access is guaranteed and there are many access points for visitors.

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•Savary Island is mostly sand - cliffs and dunes are fragile. There is dramatic erosion in some areas, while others are experiencing accretion (expansion of the foreshore).

•Please control and clean up after your pets. There are many deer on the island which can be injured or killed if chased. Leashing your dog will help with wildlife and children at play.

 •Savary Island firearms using shot only area (MU2-12)

Gathering shellfish requires a valid B.C. Tidal Waters Sports Fishing License. The Island’s beaches are among the most valuable shellfish resources in the province – please be aware of legal limits. For further information, including restrictions and red tides, contact fisheries at 604-485-7963

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