Return of the Harlequins

harlequin ducks

Harlequin ducks are a bird-watcher's favourite bird. A photogenic and very obliging subject for photographers and painters alike. During the months of fall, the Harlequin ducks will migrate and Powell River is lucky to be along their migratory route.

While you may view Harlequin ducks in any oceanside location, they tend to congregate at the estuary where Lang Creek meets the ocean. Males are recognisable for their bright showy colouring, while females keep a low profile in shades of brown. View them easily through the beach access at the end of Brew Bay Road.

Be Bear Aware!

The Lang Creek is the location of a Salmon Hatchery with spawning channels for returning salmon. This is easy pickings for the locals bears who gather in the spawning channel area and in the creek in considerable numbers.


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