Triangle Gardens

Published in MAIN MENU

The Triangle Garden captures the essence of the Garden City Concept. The land is currently owned by the City of Powell River, however the garden is managed and maintained by the Townsite Heritage Society.

The Triangle Garden was created in 1995. The project was undertaken to restore and enhance a stretch of land which used to be the holding nursery for the Power River Company’s Townsite gardeners who were responsible for landscaping and maintaining all the public green spaces and formal gardens in the Townsite.

The area encompasses approximately 1000 feet of land shaped in a long strip, located between the prestigious “Manager Row” houses, and Marine Avenue. The southern end of the area is situated adjacent to two historical recreational amenities:  the tennis courts and lawn bowling greens, c. 1921. Indeed, the unique landscape moves traffic towards the principal entrance to the Historic Townsite at Ash Avenue, where the Federal National Historic District Plaque is located.

After the land was deeded to the Corporation of the District of Powell River by MacMillan Bloedel in 1993, the Townsite Heritage Society and the Municipality came together by means of a joint steering committee to secure funding to undertake a restoration plan for the entire triangle. The area, which had been neglected and overgrown for 40 years, was the subject of a report called The Powell River Townsite Triangular Bank: A Plan for Restoration and Rehabilitation, September 1994, prepared by Cyril Hume, Period Landscape Consultant, Sidney, BC.

Planting began in 1995 with volunteers including our foremost, long-term volunteer Andy Davis, participating in planting approximately 8000 bulbs, mainly daffodils, tulips and crocuses. These complemented the natural abundance of grape hyacinths that had been dormant behind the blackberries. 

Every year since 1995, with the tremendous support and assistance of volunteers, local businesses and service groups, the Townsite Heritage Society has tended the gardens, using thousands of hours of labour, paid and unpaid, as well as financing material and supplies through hard earned revenues generated from bingos, raffles, and special events.

Volunteers have assisted in the pruning, weeding, raking leaves, cleanup, soil distribution, mulch spreading and refuse pickup, with the City assisting in the refuse pickup on two occasions in the previous years. Additionally, since the early years, personnel have been hired to weed the garden adjacent to the pedestrian way, and in recent years, to keep the lawn area cut.

Aesthetically, public spaces that present a positive vision to the community add to the feeling of civic value. The Townsite Heritage Society has engaged in a Street Tree Planting project for many years as a separate, but complementary project to the Triangle Gardens. The Townsite Heritage Society continues to encourage home and business owners to create neighbourhood pride through built structures and planned gardens, and it is only fitting that the public space match those expectations.

Plants are a valid component of heritage value, and as demonstrated by our 25 year commitment to the Triangle Garden thus far, the Townsite Heritage Society sees this project as an on-going annual priority.