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    About Townsite Heritage Society

  • About  Townsite Heritage  Society

    The Townsite Heritage Society was formed in 1992 with the following objectives stated in its Constitution:  

    To protect, enhance, maintain and promote the historical character and integrity of the traditional neighbourhood and business section of the Powell River Townsite by educating our children, adults and tourists through:

  • Architecture - Commercial

    Historically, our community was preplanned with principles generated from progressive philosophical movements arising as a result of the excesses of industrialization in the late 19th century.

    The Garden City and Arts and Crafts Movements influenced Powell River's planners of 1910 in regard to the location and architectural style of our homes, parks, green belts, commercial buildings and recreation facilities.

    Townsite homes built before 1930 depended on add-on and decorative elements for articulation and architectural interest.

    For example, the use of roof brackets, add-on porch structures, boxed windows, and decorative porch and veranda posts and balustrades were common.

    Click on a  photo to the right for a write-up and photos of commercial buildings built in the early part of the 1900’s.

  • Architecture - RESIDENTIAL STYLES

    Architecture - RESIDENTIAL STYLES

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    Orientation to View

    Structures located on corner lots were given special attention to design, the criteria being the presence of two fronts. This feature allowed for two directions from which to orient the view. In this period the practice was described as Looking Two Ways.

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