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The City of Powell River is an attractive option for those seeking to capitalize on a growing community with constantly expanding opportunities.  The opportunities ahead seem both endless and elusive, making it incredibly challenging to identify and build a career path you love. You just want someone to give it to you straight: How can you actually find a job? Below are links that will help you find your opportunities.




General Information

The labour force represents the total number of Powell River residents who are employed. Compared to British Columbia as a whole, the Powell River economy appears to be more diversified. Services make up 42% of the City’s employment. A variety of sectors make up the remaining employers in the area. Unsurprisingly enough, forestry & logging in Powell River is almost 3 times the Provincial distribution. Other areas of note are Powell River’s strong construction and manufacturing sectors.



The City of Powell River has an aggregate participation rate of 53% compared to British Columbia’s 65%. The lower rate may be attributed to Powell River’s more rural geography, and less employment opportunity compared to larger municipalities. However, the residents of Powell River are well educated. Powell River outpaced British Columbia’s education levels in a variety of categories. The largest gap can be seen in skilled labour education such as apprenticeships and trades certificates, where Powell River had a 6.9% higher distribution.