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Healthcare & Social Assistance

The healthcare and social services sector is a main industry sector for Powell River – one of the City’s largest employers is Inclusion Powell River. The community has been recognized by the United Nations World Urban Forum as an accessible and inclusive community. Many people with disabilities have chosen Powell River as their home because of the services that are provided and the ability to live somewhat independently.


Inclusion Powell River is a leader in supporting and valuing everyone in community living. It is a place where adults and children, of all abilities, are supported. 

Children, individuals, and families have choices, and power in decision-making, to reach for their dreams, and to make decisions about their lives, where they want to learn, live, and grow.
Inclusion Powell River staff, are well trained, and professional.  We are recognized for our high standards both locally and nationally.

Individuals that inclusion Powell River serve have friends with rich personal support networks. Who their friends are, and what they believe in are important, and there are cooperative efforts in the community to reduce barriers, to achieve, access for all.

Inclusion Powell River


There are also active developments in senior’s care with a new long term care facility being built and a new assisted living facility moving forward.

 The Powell River General Hospital

Situated in the heart of the city, the Powell River General Hospital provides medicine, surgery, endoscopy, an ICU, obstetrics, oncology, dialysis, psychiatry, maternity, pediatrics, emergency, community health and diagnostic services.

Powell River is well serviced with the Powell River General Hospitals 33-bed facility.
The hospital operates in collaboration with Evergreen Extended Care Unit, the Willingdon Creek Village residential care facility, Tla’amin Community Health Services, Powell River Community Health Centre, local medical clinics plus several pharmacies and the Powell River Division of Family Practice. For cases that require management beyond local capabilities, patients are transferred to Vancouver or Vancouver Island.

Powell River General Hospital & Facilities

By the Numbers

• 1 maternity unit
• 150 babies born/year
• 2,000 surgeries/year
• 18,000 Emergency Room visits/year
• 18,000 DI procedures/year
• 12,500 patient days of care/year at PRGH
• 75-bed Evergreen Extended Care facility
• 102-bed Willingdon Creek Village residential care facility, opened in 2015
• 33-bed Powell River General Hospital


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GP4ME Invitational Brochure

Powell River is a city in flux, undergoing massive growth and redevelopment. The city is experiencing a watershed moment in the history of the region. With an anticipated growth of population to the area, the need for physicians, especially family physicians is on the rise. Powell River offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a work/life balance that is a rare find in Canada. Flexible schedules, the camaraderie of fellow physicians and a community focused on the health and wellbeing of its residents offer an unsurpassed opportunity for career growth. 
Make a change, make the move and experience what living Coastal by Nature is all about.

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