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Whether it's heritage, modern, waterfront or farm; Powell River offers a wide range of housing options at a very affordable price. The average selling price of a single family home in the community is approximately $260,000, and it is very hard to find one without at least a partial view of the ocean.
Due to the ongoing process of retirement, there are existing businesses for sale in the community at very reasonable rates. They can be viewed at

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The city centre of Powell River, the Westview neighbourhood is where you will find a majority of the City’s commercial and institutional activity.  Westview also boasts gorgeous ocean views from almost everywhere. A seawalk, beaches and a campsite are within minutes of each other, and you would be hard pressed to find a more breathtaking sunset.


The Townsite is the original settlement in Powell River. When the pulp and paper mill was being built, the town was being planned. Blueprints were drawn as early as 1909 using what was called Garden City Movement principles. These principles intended to create a comfortable, humane environment in an industrial town.

The first house, the doctor’s residence, went up in 1911. The next was the mill manager’s home. Then, street by street, the houses appeared until construction was completed in 1930. The Powell River Townsite is now designated a National Historic District. The neighbourhood has seen resurgence recently, becoming home to new business developments such as Townsite Brewing. The heritage homes in the area have become very desirable as well due their affordability and lot sizes which allow for the planting of vegetable gardens. 


Wildwood is perched on the high ground on the north side of the Powell River. It was originally settled by pioneers who were granted land parcels and carved their lives inch by inch. To claim their piece of the wilderness, they had to wait 40 days and 40 nights in Vancouver for a chance to own 40 acres of land. Wildwood’s character grew from its history of rural isolation. The community was finally connected to the neighbouring Townsite by bridge in 1916. Wildwood still has an atmosphere of rural charm and has been popular with new residents that are interested in growing their own food. 


 Cranberry is a mostly residential neighbourhood north and east of Westview. Cranberry was the first suburb of the Townsite as it was within walking distance of the mill. The neighbourhood surrounding Cranberry Lake grew out of an early 1900’s economy built on livestock farming, agriculture and local forestry jobs. In 1912, lots were sold to veterans of the First World War. They paid $1 for their piece of land on which to build a new life. In 1917, a local entrepreneur, Bert Parry, saw the potential in the area and built houses and some businesses to support the community. Cranberry is a charming neighbourhood with character homes, and some shopping. Cranberry Lake is fringed with water lilies. It’s not suitable for swimming, but is a lovely place to paddle.


Making The Move

Many of Powell River’s new residents have become entrepreneurs and started new businesses such as 32 Lakes Coffee and Townsite Brewing, or have bought established businesses and emigrated from other countries. Others are telecommuters working by remote, enjoying the wonderful balance of work and life.

There are also companies that have recognized the value proposition that the City offers and have made or are seriously considering investment in the community.

The range of new developments stretches from sectors such as International Education, Food and Beverage Production to Aviation Maintenance and Repair.

A prime example of new development is Sino Bright Schools (SBS). SBS operates 11 campuses in mainland China and has committed to building a new private school campus and dormitories in Powell River for a first year enrolment of 400 students (Grades 9 to 12).

Besides the $30 million investment in the facility, the school will generate $10.5 million a year in new revenues annually and approximately 100 new jobs in the community. The development has also attracted interest from other foreign investors such as Starium Developments Inc who has purchased land in the Wildwood neighbourhood and is working to develop a Private International University in the City as well. 

Many new residents in Powell River, especially young entrepreneurs, are bringing new businesses to Powell River. Here are some great examples...

• Stephen Brooks invested in establishing the Townsite Brewing Company, which now sells its ale all across the province and has already garnered two industry awards.

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• In the Westview neighbourhood, Mike and Sara Salome, once managers of a trendy Vancouver Restaurant opened Costa Del Sol Cuisine in 2012 – a Latin flavoured and wildly popular restaurant, and then followed it up with a second restaurant Coastal Cookery in 2014. 
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• Margot and Nathan Jantz moved to Powell River from North Vancouver and established 32 Lakes Coffee, which sells small batches of fresh roasted coffees online and in local stores.
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Many of the people moving to Powell River are interested in food production. There are many opportunities to establish small farming operations in the region. That’s what Ezra and Gosia Carroll did when they migrated to Powell River. Myrtle Point Heritage Farm has a wide range of agricultural products that are sold locally and abroad.

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To learn more about food production in the Powell River area, check out the latest edition of ‘Home Grown Powell River’. 
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• Others have brought their job and career with them, choosing to telecommute rather than struggle to survive in an urban centre. Chris Matheson and his partner Uli Herl landed in Powell River 5 years ago and bought a house after a weekend visit. On the Monday morning visiting, Chris asked his employer if he could work remotely from the community. Now he travels once a month for team meetings while working from his home in the historic Townsite neighbourhood. 
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 If you are interested in starting your own business in Powell River, contact Community Futures as they have excellent Business Planning services and are a potential lender for getting things going. 
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There are many job opportunities in Powell River. From Trades to Manufacturing, and from Health Care to Customer Service, many businesses and organizations are looking for skilled professionals to fill vacancies. To view current job listings visit the regions WorkBC Centre ‘Career Link’ at
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To learn more about the Powell River economy, please take the time to review the Community Profile. The Profile provides extensive information on the Powell River area. You’ll find neighbourhood descriptions, population, demographic and economic statistics, and information on utilities, taxes, transportation and licensing.


The Best in High Speed Access"Fibreoptic" by BigRiz


Another significant development in the community is its telecommunications infrastructure. Powell River is far ahead of other communities in North America as Telus Communications has invested $16.7 million on a Fibre Optics build throughout the City and parts of the region. As a result, residents and business now have access to 1 gigabyte per second service. This of course means that if your business or job is technology based, you will have no problems with accessing the speeds you need.




In the Community Like almost any place in British Columbia, Powell River is actually much more than simply “Powell River”. From the Old Townsite, to the charmingly named communities of Cranberry and Wildwood, there are many distinct sub-communities of this unique region.
Development Activity Powell River has been developing a range of housing choices for adult living and retirees, including residential areas offering primarily level entry and single-level home layouts, and senior-focused condominium communities conveniently located to all of the major amenities and bus routes.
Economic Sectors With Powell River’s strategic location it is no wonder the area is blessed with many successful industries and sectors. The strength of Powell River’s economic condition comes from established resource sectors such as forestry, aquaculture (marine), mining, and agriculture. These sectors have become instrumental to the success of the Powell River economy. These industries are in high demand and are capable of employing the majority of Powell River’s population resulting in a self sustaining community.
Population The City of Powell River has experienced a relatively constant population base for the past 25 years. Declining slightly in 1996 and in 2001, the City of Powell River and the regional district has rebounded to 13,165 and 19,906 respectively. The losses that were experienced during the previous decade can be attributed to the decline in the resources economy, and population estimates project continued growth to over 20,000 over the next decade. It is estimated that in 2013 the regional population has grown to 20,493.
General Information The labour force represents the total number of Powell River residents who are employed. Compared to British Columbia as a whole, the Powell River economy appears to be more diversified. Services make up 42% of the City’s employment. A variety of sectors make up the remaining employers in the area. Unsurprisingly enough, forestry & logging in Powell River is almost 3 times the Provincial distribution. Other areas of note are Powell River’s strong construction and manufacturing sectors.
General Information British Columbia is widely recognized as having some of the best educational environments in Canada. Powell River is no different. The youth of Powell River are treated to an extensive array of options when it comes to education. Powell River has cemented itself as a leader with innovative approaches to learning. Through partnerships with private sector companies, Powell River offers unique and innovative programs for their students, which helps to solidify long term employment in the region.
General Information Powell River has developed an efficient transportation system that caters to its residents and visitors, as well as the logistical needs of the goods being shipping in and out of the community. Powell River is served by many international recognized courier companies including: DHL, FedEx, Purolator and UPS. Within the community you will find reliable public transportation, friendly taxi services, as well
Water and Sewer British Columbia is widely recognized as having some of the best water quality in the world. The City of Powell River’s water originates from the Haslam Lake Watershed. Haslam Lake is located within the traditional territories of the Sliam- mon and Sechelt First Nations. Logging in the area is expected to increase in the coming years, as much of the timber is now reaching harvestable age. The City of Powell River is responsible for sewer maintenance and is mandated by the Ministry of Environment to ensure safe treatment and disposal is within Ministry regulations. The City is regulated to ensure safe water treatment and discharge of sewage and storm water as well as water conservation and sustain- able environment initiatives.
Business Services City of Powell River The City of Powell River is dedicated to serving prospective business investors. We will ensure that you will get what you need to make your relocation experience to Powell River painless and enjoyable. powellriver.info Powell River Chamber of Commerce The Powell River Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization led by a board of volunteer community business people dedicated to the economic vital- ity of its members. The affiliated businesses and organizations are the very best providers of goods and services available in the Powell River Region. powellriverchamber.com Community Futures Powell River Community Futures Powell River assists the community to develop a strong, diverse economy while maintaining a quality lifestyle, environment, cultural and inclusive community. They provide a variety of different support services to people in the community. prfutures.ca
Municipal Government Municipal government in BC consists of an elected Mayor and Council that are responsible for establishing policies for the community and passing bylaws based on these policies. The next Municipal Election will next be held in November 2014. While the Mayor and Councilors are responsible for establishing policy, municipal employees are responsible for translating policy into action and administering vari- ous municipal services such as engineering, building permits, licensing, planning, and parks and recreation, to name only a few. The list of important contacts at the City of Powell River can be found at www.powellriver.info
Taxation The City of Powell River, The Powell River Regional District, the Province of BC, and the Government of Canada are all committed to reducing taxation. • The City of Powell River and the Regional District work hard to keep tax increases at a minimum. • The Province of BC has reduced personal income tax by more than 25% since 2001 to attract and retain skilled workers. • The Province of BC has introduced significant tax cuts to encourage busi- ness innovation and revitalize the economy and has committed to having the lowest Small Business Tax in Canada by 2012. • The Government of Canada has reduced the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to 5%. This tax is fully recoverable by business in Canada.
Climate The Regional District of Powell River is one of the best places in the world to live. Rated tops in all of the international rankings, the West Coast of Canada is one of the most desirable places to live, work and play. Mild climate, clean, safe commu- nities, and a strong economy are only a few of the reasons that Powell River is the place to be…for work, for business, and for life. Nestled in the coastal mountains with the Pacific Ocean to its west, the region enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and sun filled summers. With an average of 1900 hours of sunlight each year, the Sunshine Coast is appropriately named.