Rules and Other Policies

 Check out time: 11:00 am. Check in time: 1:00 pm.

Any camper who does not check-out by the check-out time as defined above without prior approval of the Caretaker will be charged a daily rate for every day, or part thereof, that the camper remains at the campsite.


Behavior and Noise

 1. No person shall fail or refuse to comply with a lawful order or request of the caretaker.

2. No person shall act in a manner that causes an undue disturbance, annoyance or nuisance to other campers. 

3. There shall be no loud noise after 10:00 p.m. 

4. Campers are responsible for the conduct and behavior of all visitors to their site.

5. Campers and their visitors shall only consume alcohol on their respective sites.

6. Generators are not permitted to be used within the campsite.


7. Campers shall not grant unregistered motor vehicles or camping units entry to the campground by use of their key card or that of another camper.

8. All visitors must park outside the campground.

9. Visitors at the campsite shall depart from the campground by no later than 10:00 p.m.

 Motor Vehicles

10. The maximum speed limit within the campground shall be 10 km per hour. 

11. No-one is permitted to display a campsite specific parking pass in a motor vehicle or camping unit that is not registered with the caretaker and such usage is strictly prohibited. Motor Vehicles displaying a valid handicap parking placard may be granted entry to the campsite, space permitting.(safely park) The visitor must show the valid parking placard to the caretaker before entering the campsite.

12. Any motor vehicle, camping unit, tent or other chattels belonging to a camper, or the camper’s visitors, shall be contained within the camper’s allotted site. 



Maintenance of Sites

13. Campers are responsible for their and their visitors’ own chattels and items which are on the campsite at their own risk and the campsite is not responsible for any theft or damages.

14. Sites are to be maintained in a clean and tidy condition and campers shall maintain their site in a condition acceptable to the caretaker.

15. No trees or bushes shall be cut down within the campground. 

16. All sites are to be left in a clean and tidy condition upon departure and check-out. 

17. Campers and visitors shall not alter any site in any way without the prior written consent of the Caretaker.

Buildings, garbage and recycling

18. Removal of recycling or waste from any disposal receptacle; or solicitation of recycling material from other persons within the campground is prohibited.
19. The doors to the campsite washrooms and Laundromats shall be locked and kept closed at all times and campers will be supplied with the necessary key which shall be returned to the caretaker at check-out.
20. All refuse is to be properly bagged and placed in the garbage receptacles by campers.
21. Sewage and/or grey water shall be discharged into on-site connections where provided in the campsite, or into the central sanitary dump station located at the south end of the campsite. Sewage and/or grey water must not be allowed to drain into the ground.

Fires and trees 

22. Open fires are only permitted in the burning facilities provided within the campsite. No fires will be allowed when burning bans have been imposed by the Provincial Forest Service or the city Fire Chief.
23. The burning of garbage, including but not limited to treated and/or painted wood, plastic, metal, construction debris or other similar materials is strictly prohibited.
24. Firewood will be provided for campers at the rate of $8.00 per bin.
25. Campers are permitted to supply and burn their own firewood.
26. The burning of dead fall is not permitted.
27. Camp fires must be attended to by an adult at all times. Camp fires must also be kept at a manageable size.Moving of fire pits in the campsite is not permitted.
28. Use of nails, screws or any material which could damage a tree is prohibited.


29. All pets in the campground shall be secured or leashed and under control of the handler at all times.
30. Pets must not be left unattended.
31. Campers shall be responsible for the removal of any pet excrement. All excrement and/or pet litter shall be properly bagged and placed in the garbage receptacle.


32. Absolutely no subletting of any kind is permitted
33. Failure to comply with any of the campground rules and regulations may result in eviction from the campground.
34. Campers and their visitors shall abide by all applicable city bylaws and other applicable federal and provincial enactments while staying at the campground.