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These are some of the friendly faces around town. Visit them and get some much needed local expertise. Locals have a wealth of knowledge that they want to share with you. They can point you in the right direction.

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open scene33A rates (Tourism) 
open scene23A rates (Economic Development) (Community Futures) (Employment Services)
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recreation complex

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 Eexperience the legendary Sunshine Coast Trail and Powell Forest Canoe Route, rock-climb the Eldred Valley, snowshoe in the Knuckleheads; this is the adventure destination you’ve been searching for.

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4845 Marine Ave
Powell River, BC
V8A 5T3


Tel: 604-485-2242

To make a reservation for July 2020, please email us at   Emails will be processed in the order that they come in.  Please include your requested dates, site choice, size and type of camping unit & what type of hookups that you require.  Thank you!